Hey guys, I’m a PD in Louisiana (One of the few offices who hasn’t entered Restriction of Services yet). If you don’t know, a lot of this is stemming from a major crash of the State Budget because of Jindal’s policies. Right now we are looking at a 48 hour deadline to increase taxes before a 2/3 cut of the entire PD budget hits the state. If this goes through, my Office will be closed by next December as well as most of the other offices in the State. People who are not actively incarcerated WILL NOT HAVE AN ATTORNEY STARTING IN JULY. http://gov.louisiana.gov/news/edwards-i…

Right now the increase in revenue is being blocked by the Obstructionist Group led by mostly Representatives out of the New Orleans suburbs. If you are a constituent in Louisiana, call your State representative to voice your complaints. Right now they’re currently fighting over a one cent increase on Sales Tax. That’s how bad it is right now.


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